Your Take Out Could Use Text Messaging

Could your business be doing more? Does your business have a phone number? Have you thought about text enabling your existing phone number to reach more people? Numbers don’t lie people.     Check out to learn how your business can engage more people and help grow your business now!  

How to beat Domino’s Online Ordering

Ok, so which one is better (and I have some delicious research to back this up)? Option #1: Creating a wide variety of apps and resources for customers to order a product from you (hopefully) and exhausting multiple marketing efforts to alert them on how to do so? Option #2: Have one FLAGSHIP way which […]

Smart Finally Beats Dumb but Not By Much

In the circles most of us relate to, it might seem incredible that feature phones (also known as dumb phones) were still the dominant category.  Until recently that held true, but Q2 of 2013 changed that.  The latest Gartner report shows that smartphones finally took over the lead with a whopping 51.8 percent of worldwide […]

Four Players Missing Opportunities To Connect

I have conducted experiments lately, and the results might be very interesting and even possibly useful to you.   Using my mobile phone and text messaging as the main medium, I’ve been attempting to interact with a bunch of brands and personalities and experts in the fitness and health industry, including people who sell products […]